Magnesium and dystonia

Using the words of others...

"I have lived with painful, continuous muscle contractions and spasms for over 25 years with no diagnosis and, until recently, minimal relief. Although I have no formal diagnosis, I suspect it may be a form of dystonia: left side specific muscle contractions centered most strongly in the area of the neck and upper back. Doctors are uncertain if the problem is a genuine dystonia in part because the contractions are not strong enough to cause the obvious changes in physique.
A couple years ago, I discovered that relatively large doses of vitamin B-12 taken in timed release form provided me with a significant amount of muscle relaxation and relief. (Timed release seems to be essential, other forms of the vitamin offer no benefit.) Curious about this, I experimented a bit with other over-the-counter vitamins and minerals, ultimately discovering additional benefits by adding ordinary doses of calcium and magnesium. Six months ago I brought this to the attention of a neurologist and obtained a prescription for Klonopin, which, added to the above in a surprisingly low dose, successfully provided further improvement."

"I have completed 3 1/2 weeks of an 8-week trial magnesium therapy (500-750 mg. daily) prescribed by my neurologist for my hemidystonia. It reduced the frequency of (but did not eliminate)some of the smaller intermittent cramps I was experiencing, and so far has had no effect on the larger spasms. Still, I feel there is improvement overall. Instead of my left foot seizing up & going rigid every 10 minutes, it does so every 20 minutes... that has to count for something."

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