Gluten and Neurological Diseases

You may already be aware of the following as I sent these details to TDS in August last year. Nonetheless it makes for a discussion....
Gluten and Multiple Sclerosis:

This links to a report about a paper that 'Sustained clinical remission in a patient with remittent-recurrent multiple sclerosis and celiac disease gluten-free diet for 6 years".

Here is the link.

Two other interesting links are shown here:

link 1

link 2

Gluten and Dystonia
Diet and dystonia have been discussed many times before however this comment below appears on the WEMOVE site:

""But if you just want to see if you do and feel better on a gluten free diet, you can try it before any tests. FYI the recommended nutrition from the Dystonia Society is a gluten free diet."
 This is in the post from 'Swuzly'.

A link to the whole discussion is here.

Another extract:

"I have been gluten free for 16 months. It took 8 months on a strict gluten free (100% gluten free) diet for my lifelong dystonia to go into remission. During these past months, I have had two accidental gluten exposures which both resulted in truncal dystonia episodes as well as some multi-focal experiences.

Some of my other neurological symptoms subsided within 2 weeks, but the dystonia took 8 months."

I suspect the Society referred to is the US one. Anyway, a useful area for discussion I'd have thought?

This link is to theDYSTONIA HELP CHANNEL which has very interesting videos about sugar and dystonia - and other....well, you go and have a look!

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