Dystonia and Valtrex

The Valtrex Study and Grapefruit Seed Extract - Alternative Help for Spasmodic Torticolis

There was a commanlities survey conducted on Alt.Support. Dystonia April, 1999. This Usenet group can be accessed through Deja News, RemarQ, and Yahoo. Some of the interesting things from the survey include:

• Most have light and sound sensitivities
• Many are ambidextrous
• Some have unusual perspiration--excessive or lacking of (this ties in with the neurotransmitter acetycholine.)
• Some were helped by protein diets. Diet soda and sugar increased spasms.
• Some have found that walking backwards reduced symptoms.
• Many had ear infections as a child, and notice an ear connection with increased symptoms.

What happened to the Valtrex Study?

The above appeared about 10 years ago - what has happened since?

"Shooglie discovered by chance valtrex took away all her severe dystonia. She had gone to Spain on holiday, got a bad coldsore, the local pharmacy gave her valtrex and that was the start of her recovery. Her neurologist now gives her the Valtrex."

Source: 12/3/2010

"Subj: Dystonia, Meige syndrome
Date: 10/18/2007
I was given a Valtrex for cold sores and I keep it ready so when I start feeling like I going to have a core sore I take it and it stops the outbreak. Great! I also have facial spasm, I've been told I have Dystonia, Meige syndrome but when I take the treatment for my cold sores my dystonia is better! For about 4 days I feel almost normal and then it gets worst. I have notice this every time I've taken the Valtrex for cold sores. I'm wondering if there is something in it that suppress the spasm or could my condition be viral related?


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