Fitflops and dystonia

Surely not? No there?

Well, firstly here's the Fitflop site.

Nothing about dystonia there.

But elsewhere I read:

"I'm in Fitflop heaven. Having developed a nasty neurological condition - called a focal dystonia of the foot - earlier this year, I was resigned to a lifetime of being on heavy-duty medication.
Then my trusted osteopath mentioned that a patient of his with arthritis had been able to walk without pain for the first time in many years after buying a pair of Fitflops.I hobbled off to John lewis to buy a pair, and a day later was striding out across the heath as though I had nothing wrong with me.
Fitflops have thousands of testimonials from customers who have been relieved of conditions ranging from plantar fasciitis to heel spurs with the help of the shoes. "

Something worth considering perhaps....?


  1. This article in the Daily Mail got very wide coverage - I bet Fitflops loved it!

  2. I thought everyone could try FitFlops footwear - they're brilliant. They do nice trainer-type shoes and boots too, not just sandals.