A request to all visitors here!

A cure for dystonia has got to be found! At the very least people must be made aware of ways to reduce the symptoms.

Check out this section of the site - see the various 'treatments' mentioned. Research them. Talk to others about them. Speak to doctors. Speak to neurologists. Speak to 'dystonia organisations'. What has happened about Valtrex? What about G-Therapy? Is it simply anecdotal about dystonia and allergies? No scientific studies about acupuncture? Some practitioners seem to have astounding results. Who are they? Why are they successful? On symptom-relief how efficient is hypnosis? Is it available for free?

Spend some time here looking round the blog - there's a lot here. Then spread the word. Keep on digging, asking questions, sharing ideas. Nothing is sold here (of course!) and there are several people who put up posts here. We're not competing with huge established organisations/charities.

We simply want dystonia to go!

Meanwhile, take a look at these videos...

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