My son has dystonia and I have found a solution that works!

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I have a son who is 14 and last summer (at 13 yrs old, July of 2009) he had his first episode of dystonia. At the time, we had no idea what was happening and after a myriad of tests (blood tests, spinal tap, cat-scan, MRI of his brain, trips to a child neurologist) I was still left with no answers. This first big "episode" gradually went away and he was fine for almost a year and then this April of 2010 he started to have these episodes again, where he would twist and contort, have a tilting of the head, twitches, and at it's worst curling of the hands and feet and not be able to speak. With a lot of rest, he would get better, but not completely. His face still had an uncontrollable twitch to the side.
Long story short, I found a man named Tom who looked at my son and said, "oh yea, he has dystonia". I was shocked. I had never heard of dystonia, had no idea what it was, couldn't understand why my pediatrician or a child neurologist couldn't diagnose this. I went home and did the research and feel confident in saying that my son has dystonia. We have no medical insurance right now so I can't take him to a Dr. to get that firm diagnosis, but as his mom, and from all I've read, he has all the characteristics and symptoms. Besides, after all the testing, prodding and unanswered questions of last summer, I don't have a lot of confidence in the medical community. And if indeed, my son does have dystonia, there aren't any solutions from the medical community anyway.
So...what I want all mothers of children with dystonia to know and all sufferers of dystonia to know is that I have found something that is working for my son. The first time he took this product, he had a twitch in his face where he twisted his mouth and neck every 15 seconds or so. This had been going on for days. He took this product and I'm not kidding, within 5 minutes it started stopping and in 15 minutes it was completely gone. He takes this product now every day. He has had two other episodes since April of this year which unfortunately came on when he was sleeping, but he took a good dose, higher than his usual daily dose, the symptoms were completely gone in an hour's time.
Here's the link to the website:
I found this product because my son's piano teacher has a student who's dad has ALS (Lou Gherig's disease) He has been taking Lutimax for years and is finding huge relief and is still alive. Lutimax has been a literal miracle for my son. I cannot sit by and not tell other people suffering with Dystonia. If you have any questions or want to know more, please email me at I will happily tell you our story. I don't make any money endorsing this product. I just whole heartedly believe in it and am so happy to have found a solution for my son
I hope visitors here research this!.

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  1. Stuart Pearson (carer)01 March, 2011

    Has this been researched in the UK?