A True Story About the Healing of Dystonia

I was prompted to write this blog entry when I read a post by asburyparkangel

"According to my research, Dystonias are caused by toxins, (which include pesticides, carbon monoxide, anti-histamines, auto exhaust, chemicals in household products, etc). I worked with airplane glue and spray paint when I was in my twenties and never imagined that taking Chlor Trimetron allergy tablets as a yong woman would cause this disorder. I also had a mercury filling left in my mouth, ( from my foster-child years). Mercury is HIGHLY toxic and cause terrible damage to the body. Also check for LYME which is the GREAT imitator that imitates Lupus and a host of other ailments. Hair analysis are excellent to detect heavy metal. Mainstream doctors will not look into these procedure, but you life depends on it. Oral chelation and detoxifying through FAR saunas is crucial to rid the body of accumulated poisons. “DETOX or DIE” by Doctor Sherry Rogers is crucial reading to educate yourself about body poison load.

.NUTRA-Sweet & Splenda are highly toxic as well as high-fructose corn syrup in sodas & snacks. EDUCATE yourself. You’ll also have to eat only organic foods and pure spring and distilled water. Your whole lifestyle will have to be OVERHAULED. Do it of DIE! I pray you will profile and have divine health with this info I’ve applied to my life. God bless you!

This reminded me of a book review 5 years ago:

By John J. Heney
ISBN 1-894263-56-1

Collapsing in the shower early one morning in 1991, Ottawa journalist John Heney found himself unable to control his hands or legs, suddenly going into full-body spasms which would mount to dozens of these attacks per day. Within weeks he would find himself without work, direction or hope as the damage in his nervous system took hold.

Misdiagnosis, malpractice and miscommunication would mean it would be up to him to discover what could be done about this baffling disorder, and how he could regain purpose, an income and personal independence while being left, as one doctor put it, with a "hideous and horrible way to have to live."

The Thunder Within dares to challenge us about the way our society deals with healing, and how we often forget the value of teamwork, respect and joy in daily living. Deemed to have done "more for himself than the entire medical profession," Heney turned his background into a source of information, insight and teaching as he began to share with all manner of groups about the physics and spirit behind thought, intent, abilities, hope and inspiration.

Hilarious at times, uplifting in its recommendations and candid in its revelations, The Thunder Within is being used in business instruction, in Scouting, and by doctors, patients, therapists, families and friends of the ill, and by Canada’s Department of National Defence. It has been featured at a Conference Board of Canada national seminar.

Why? The Thunder Within touches us in places we know are there but which we often dare not speak of. The book reveals, by example, how much more can be found within each of us exactly where we are, no matter how small or large our role in life.

The experience that made John Heney the "spiritual mechanic" by showing people the principles of fun, ease and joy in learning is now spreading its influence worldwide, and can be yours as a spectator, in a journey that is transforming the workplace, the role of medicine, and how we treat ourselves and others.
"Persons in health care practice and policy-making, those suffering serious illness and disabilities, scientists concerned with matters of energy, parapsychologists and spiritual seekers can benefit from reading this exceptional book."

L. Richard Batzler, Ph.D., Past President

Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International 

The book?

The Thunder WithinThe Thunder Within” is John’s autobiographical description of his journey through the debilitating effects of what happened when his legacy of cerebral palsy suddenly collapsed to include the neurological and movement challenges of dystonia, ataxia and aphasia. ISBN: 1-894263-56-1

"Persons in health care practice and policy-making, those suffering serious illness and disabilities, scientists concerned with matters of energy, parapsychologists and spiritual seekers can benefit from reading this exceptional book."
~ L. Richard Batzler, PhD
"What a great book! Couldn't put it down last night, read until 12:30. The darn book wouldn't put me to sleep. Too interesting. I've read half of it already." ~ A reader writes in about The Thunder Within


  1. Absolutely amazing and moving, my friend! What one broken, damaged and passionate individual can do to evoke us to self-awareness, compassion/empathy and educations is a gracious miracle. Why is it that only when we are flat on our backs and beaten down that we find the room to empathize and understand? Never, ever take your health, loved ones or gifts for granted. I know while I battle DYSTONIA, I am thanking God for every tiny gift. I wouldn't praise suffering, but it sure does bring you closer to the things that really mean something, doesn't it?

  2. Paul Lidowski02 March, 2011

    This is very interesting - rather like Dancer off her Feet by Julie Sheldon I expect. These are the sort of books that Dystonia Associations should have - to give people H-O-P-E