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    I've been very occupied researching everything I can think of about DYSTONIA and other Neurologically-related conditions. I've read many of your responses on BEKAH"S thread about Dystonia treatments. I was so heartbroken about most of you getting little or NO relief  from teh drugs the doctor prescribed. I think DRUGS are a DEAD end, honestly. We need to take MORE responsibility for our wellness, because the pharmaceutical industry is BIG business. they could CARE LESS. We need to take advantage of VAST amount of onformation from the internet.

   I have found a lot of excellent medical, natural health sites where my symptoms are improving little by little. I would also make a record of EVERYTHING significant that has affected you health in your WHOLE life.

1. Did my mother breast feed me as a baby?
2.   Did she have any allergies or take any drugs when I was in my womb.
3.  Infections as a child and young adult, ( I had chicken pox at 25 & that was the beginning of my struggle with bronchitis & pneumonia
4. Was there mould & fungus in my house? as I was growing up and presently
5. Antibiotic or steroid use as a child or adult.
6. Use of chemicals or toxic substances (my dad was a sign painter & I breathed the paint varnishes & turpentine). My dad has nearly died several times & has had surgery because of using these toxic chemicals 
7. Mercury amalgam tooth fillings
8 Regular use of artificial sweeteners, aspartame & sucralose
9 Obesity
9 Lack of exercise

THESE are just a few of the things you should be asking yourself as these all contribute to numerological damage to the MYELIN sheath.

Please look up these key word. You'll get closer to finding supplement that will give you some relief.

Here is an amazing link

If you care to take responsibility for your healing of DYSTONIA, I'd give these links a good read! KISS & RUN

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