Stories of hope

Stories of hope

One of the problems with dystonia is people often think 'No known cause; no known cure'

That does not necessarily mean that the symptoms cannot be reduced - or that dystonia cannot go into remission.

Have a read of the following...

Abigail's Story
Abigail Brown, Director S.T.R.C., Inc. Date of Birth: 10/19/38 I was shy... [more

Barbara's Story
Five years ago, in December of 1996, my hands closed into fists as result... [more

Carol's story: Amalgam Toxicity Case History
Up to that time, I had been a physically normal child, though quite... [more

Chris' story
Christopher Sivewright was sipping a cup of coffee when his neck started... [more

Coral's Story
In the September of 1986 I and my husband and two sons aged 12 and 15... [more

Deborah's story
Up until that point, I just had the understanding that I had a movement... [more

Dystonia - My Shadow by Katie Stehr
So far, my dystonia has been limited to my neck. According to MRIs, I also... [more

Freds story
MY Dystonia started in 1990. My facial movements were so bad I couldn't... [more

Genevieve LaGrow's Christmas Story
The symptoms began in early 1991. Craig and Kim LaGrow's 19-month-old... [more

Julie Sheldon/Nigel Mumford
In 1980, he came to America and set up the Mumford Company Inc., a picture... [more

Laurie Link's Story
"I never had a moment of doubt,'' she said. "Maybe part of it was fear... [more

Laurie's story
Well, when I was lying there looking at the ceiling and couldn't look down... [more

Mike's Story
The procedure consisted of two surgeries; one to implant the probes in the... [more

My long awaited diagnosis
It was in 1990, that I woke in the early hours of the morning with a... [more

The power of prayer - A Memorable Patient
Now, as any neurologist knows, spasmodic torticollis is the bane of a... [more

Tom's Story
I am a 30 year old, healthy, married father of three wonderful boys. I just... [more

Vera's story
My treatments from my Brain Stem chiropractor started popping out after... [more]

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  1. This is all very reassuring - so often one feels totally alone with dystonia - knowing that there's no remedy. There's only so much people who haven't got dystonia, can empathise.