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This discussion is for people to suggest books that may be of interest/help to those with dystonia.

Let's start this off with the book 'The Brain That Changes Itself'

There are plenty of reviews - not all of them complimentary - on Amazon UK and also Amazon com

Why may this be of interest to those with dystonia?


Known in scientific circles as "neuroplasticity," this radical new approach to the brain provides an incredible way to bring the human brain back to life. Some of the cases that we meet are:
  • Roger Behm, a blind man who is now able to see via his tongue (and can throw a basketball into a garbage can to prove it).
  • Cheryl Schiltz, who was written-off by doctors when she lost her sense of balance due to a drug's side effect. Once sentenced to a lifetime of wobbling, her brain rewired itself through a seemingly simple therapy, and has now regained her balance and returned to a normal life.
  • Michelle Mack, one of the greatest examples of the brain's ability to adapt: she was born, literally, with just half of her brain.
  • Michael Bernstein, who suffered a debilitating stroke in the prime of his life, paralyzing the left side of his body. He's now back to his former life, as his brain functions have been rerouted and re-invigorated.
Source...and you can also watch the video of the programme here too

There are examples of neuroplasticity in action here...

Certainly, rewiring may well help occupational dystonia....

And finally from a review by Line Bellavance (whole review here):

"This book has also confirmed my belief that it is definitely possible to modify for the best what is disorganized in Dystonia. Since 2008, I have many examples of concrete improvements of my condition, things that were hard work at the beginning of my investment towards eroding Dystonia troubles and that suddenly improved. Among these examples, I want to relate the Blepharospasm that I presently manage with, I would say, a percentage of 95 to 98% and that, in spite of the fact that I always refused to receive Botox (botulinum toxin). I only intake 5 mg of Frisium every day and, as a result, I am experiencing very few ocular spasms."

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  1. I have just ordered that book 'The Brain That Changes Itself' - thanks!