Leader of the Starry Skies

In June 2008, Cardiacs singer Tim Smith attended the last night of My Bloody Valentine's five-night comeback residency at the Roundhouse in London. After the gig, he went for a drink with a long-time friend and collaborator, former Levitation guitarist Bic Hayes, before heading off in the early hours to meet some other friends. He never arrived.

Smith, who has no memory of the night, suffered a heart attack that triggered a major stroke. A second stroke in hospital a few days later left him paralysed down one side of his body and unable to speak. Two years on, he remains chronically disabled in a neurological rehabilitation centre in Wiltshire.

"Tim can't do anything except be hoisted from his bed into a wheelchair," says Hayes. "He also suffers from dystonia, which makes him go into spasms. He is such a great guy, and we wanted to see if we could help."

Leader of the Starry Skies, an album of the Cardiacs singer's songs covered by a host of independent-music luminaries from the last 20 years.

Leader of the Starry Skies – A Tribute to Tim Smith is available for £10 from here...

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