Catch this film if you can: Special People


This is especially relevant to those with dystonia because of Sasha Hardway, a 22-year-old who looks like a Hollywood star, and who walks with a very chic stick. In Special People, Hardway plays one of four teenagers given drama lessons by a patronising film director, hoping to use them to revive his flagging career and failed romance.

Hardway, who grew up in Essex, was funding her graphic design degree with a bit of modelling. Sasha's dystonia, has required spinal surgery and a wheelchair. "My mum noticed that other children were running around and I was getting left out," she says. "So she put me in a rock and pop choir and I got into performing." Acting seemed closed off to her: "When I was younger, there weren't any disabled actors. You tried to compare yourself to people on TV and the only person I saw in a wheelchair was on Sesame Street."

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