Mobile phones and Dystonia

"Ellen just found this post question asking "A friend of mine has been suffering from Dystonia for the last 4 years. Is it curable and is there anything he may do to lessen the pain and twitching etc? Many thanks. " Another person with dystonia gave the following response :

Avoid artificial sweeteners (nerve toxin),teflon cookware (nerve poison),non organic veg (pesticide residues),amalgam fillings (mercury poisoning),tuna,shark,swordfish (mercury poisoning),processed food (contains aspartame and MSG...nerve poisons),mobile phones (radiation to brain).

Eat organic free-range meats to metabolic type...saturated animal fats needed to nourish brain and nervous system.

Eat Organic free-range eggs...see above.

Eat organic veg."

So - avoid mobile phones. not because of positioning the phone between your neck and shoulder thus causing strain but because of 'radiation'.

Then I read the NYTimes and saw this:

So...cell phones affect brain activity. The study, published Wednesday in The Journal of the American Medical Association, is among the first and largest to document that the weak radio-frequency signals from cellphones have the potential to alter brain activity.

Then I read elsewhere....

"A closer look at the cells within the brain revealed that exposed animals had "scattered and grouped dark neurons... often shrunken.. with loss of internal cell structures." These altered neurons were seen in all locations, but "especially the cortex, hippocampus and basal ganglia."

"The area of the brain that is believed to be most affected by dystonia is called the basal ganglia. The basal ganglia are a deep region of the brain that monitors the speed of movement and controls unwanted movements. The basal ganglia are responsible for sending signals to the muscles instructing them when to move and when to stop moving. For reasons we don’t yet understand, the basal ganglia’s instructions to the muscles become irregular and chaotic, resulting in the unwanted muscle movements and contractions."

(Source: DMRF)

...and I started to wonder.
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  • Dystonia and the brain (studies)
Anyone ever studied dystonia and cell phones?


  1. Is there any money in it? (I think that will provide your answer)

  2. Absolutely amazing and moving, my friend! What one broken, damaged and passionate individual can do to evoke us to self-awareness, compassion/empathy and educations is a gracious miracle. Why is it that only when we are flat on our backs and beaten down that we find the room to empathize and understand? Never, ever take your health, loved ones or gifts for granted. I know while I battle DYSTONIA, I am thanking God for every tiny gift. I wouldn't praise suffering, but it sure does bring you closer to the things that really mean something, doesn't it?