Kinesio Tape

In 2004 the following post appeared:

"hi all. just wanted to let you know of a no-med option that works to decrease the pain of dytonia and actually relaxes the dystonic muscles. i have been working with a pt who uses kinesio tape. it is a tape that is apparently used quite widely in european countrieswith athletes/althletic injuries. it is used to decrease pain and can be used to increase or decrease muscle tone depending on how it is applied. our pt's use it mainly with kids with cp, on people who have had knee surgery, folks who have had stokes and have decreased movement due to pain...and now with me. i have talked with one of the reps at the company that sells the tape and he indicates that the pt i am working with an one other that he knows of in the us have been experimenting with use on folks with pd and finding good results. for me it has been a god-send and after figuring out what workd best, in terms of applying it, the pt has been able to teach my familyhow to put it on and i can do some areas myself. it may be worth a try for some of you who struggle with painful dystonia - or pain in general related to pd. the tape is soft and flexible. it feels like your own skin when on. you can leave it on for 3-5 days, shower or bath with it on (it takes a little while to dry afterwords. is pretty nonintrusive. if you are interested in more info, i can try to scan and post the info i have on it or just let me know how i can be of help. best bet is to check with a pt to see if they are familiar with it and our pt here says she is willing to talk with others about how we are using it and what works..."

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The website for kinesio taping is here....

There's a Youtube video aboutit here

As the post is nearly 7 years old there may be other people with dystonia who have used kinesio tape - I am certainly not endorsing it, merely bringing it to people's attention.

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