Can EFT help those with dystonia?

Well, maybe EFT can help....

This blog details how someone used EFT to 'cure himself' but the link (in the blog) is broken and the writer (of the blog) does not appear that convinced:

"On the page, the letter says the man was misdiagnosed with dystonia, and was actually suffering from intense stress which was causing his neck to be stiff. The EFT cured his stress which brought full range of motion back to his neck..


Well, Im not going to delve into the Stress/Dystonia discussion but I will reference this webpage about the Role of Relaxation and Mind-Body Exercises in Dystonia Treatment

Im not calling EFT a cure, just another pain management option.....

Now deciding whether or not you have dystonia or just a bad case of stress should be left to the experts."

This is what someone else wrote about using EFT for dystonia:

"For the past 5 years I have been working with my sister who suffers with a severe chronic condition called cervical dystonia. The muscles in her neck and down the length of one arm right to the tip of her fingers go into spasm resulting in her neck continually jerking and pulling her head to one side, her arm continually jerks (as if possessed by a demon was my sister's description!) and this in turn makes the muscles extremely painful. There are many other side effects like excruciating headaches and tiredness etc. These symptoms are continual with little or no relief at any time. She is on slow release morphine, muscle relaxants and other medication to help her cope with this. Every 3 months she has botox injected into the muscles of her neck (which can have very serious side effects) and for approx 4 weeks in every 12 she has been bedridden due to the pain and discomfort she suffers.

I am a qualified practitioner in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) which is an energy therapy working with the meridians (think of acupuncture but without the needles!) and during my training a few powerful unexplained things happened i.e. I was able to bend my finger - something I had been unable to do for 6 months since falling and damaging it. There were others on the course whose long standing pains and aches were disappearing. Had I not been there to see it I wouldn't have believed it - we were all quite astounded by what was happening. I couldn't wait to get home and start working with my sister.

As she lives most of the time in Spain, I got on SKYPE and, with the help of the webcam, I taught her the technique and asked her to work with it over the next couple of weeks to see if it would help her. This involved practicing the technique morning, lunchtime, evening and bedtime (taking approx 20 mins in total for all 4 sessions).

She was extremely skeptical but was willing to give it a try as she was in so much pain.

The results have been extremely encouraging, and over a period of 14 days we were able to relieve her pain almost completely and the muscle spasms in her arm and hand stopped. At a time when she would normally be bedridden and “doped up” (as she calls it) with morphine, muscle relaxants and other medication and just 2 weeks away from receiving quarterly botox injections into the muscles of her neck, she was up and about and able to drive! For the first time in as long as I can remember I heard her laughing!"

If you would like to know more about EFT go to EMOFREE where you can download a free EFT manual.

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