Atlas orthogonal chiropractic

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"I have it took and just found out about atlas orthogonal chiropractic – the move the top vertabrae back into place – check it out! It’s the cure for most."


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"I have been a chiropractic patient for 30 years due to loose ligaments (hypermobility). Over that course of time I have learned alot about my body and the way the body responds to things. Often people complain about a muscle spasm that worsens over time. They have massages or utilize physical therapy. Unfortunately, those often treat just the symptoms and don't treat the root of the problem.

IF you have a maladjustment in your spine (i.e. "my neck is out" or "my back is out") the muscles on the opposite side of where the vertebra is 'out' will attempt to counterbalance the strain and pull that vertebra back into proper positioning. The longer the status quo remains unchanged the worse the spasm becomes. When the proper adjustment is made and the body alignment is corrected that muscle or muscle group can then relax.

Often one will then need physical therapy to coax that muscle into remembering what it feels like to not be trying to correct a problem. Thus Chiropractic and PT can work together to bring healing.

I had been under manual 'thrust' type of chiropractic for about 15 years, and the last 15 with the Atlas Orthoginal method. Some doctors advertise "activator method" but are not "Atlas Orthoginal Practitioners". Just using the hand held 'activator' will not sufficiently correct the Atlas (the 1st vertebra that holds your head in place) but what is needed is the Atlas Machine to correct that Atlas placement after specific xrays to obtain the exact measurements necessary to make a proper adjustment. These adjustments do not hurt. As a fibromyalgia patient, my body has responded so much better to the AO method as there is no stress on the muscles (no shove, 'crack!' stuff).

If Earthclinic will allow, these urls might bring some insight:
RE:Atlas Orthoginal --
RE: torticollus --
RE: anterocollus --

This will not be a remedy that is effected by one visit though you will probably feel some better even after the first visit. You will undoubtedly need a scheduled program of visits if you have been dealing with this for any length of time and/or it is quite severe.

Having thought we were moving to San Antonio last year, I did an extensive search for an AO doctor. They are difficult to find. The AO website doesn't show any, though I believe I found one practitioner through a dedicated search, but can't remember who it was. There is also Stakes Chiropractic, an AO in Austin, which you could perhaps contact if you are interested in this method. Maybe he knows of someone in San Antonio.

I hope that helps! And no, I am not a chiropractor, nor do I play one on TV. Just a VERY satisfied patient who couldn't live without my A.O. Doctor!""

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