Allergies and dystonia

I have been looking through some old correspondence about allergies and dystonia. I came across a letter from the Airedale Allergy clinic and also some correspondence from Cherry Howard who at the time was Chairperson of the Solent Support Group.

In 1995 Cherry wrote to me about her dystonia and the Airedale Allergy Centre.

Here is an extract:

"I was the first dystonia patient at the Airedale Allergy Centre.....Another girl, Pam, came in with very bad torticollis and she went out 'extremely well' after 21 days of treatment and has remained well ever since......Please consider that for some people with similar symptoms the underlying cause might be allergy - and it can be treated...."

Cherry Howard
Solent Support Group Chair 1995

That was nearly 16 years ago.

There is nothing stopping visitors here from making their own enquiries. In the pamphlet distributed by The Dystonia Society for patients, Professor Marsden writes in the paragraph 'Can Dystonia Get Better?':

"Dystonia may be due to a chemical imbalance in the brain. It is thought to be due to some chemical imbalance of the neurotransmitters in the basal ganglia"

Now consider:

a. foods are made of chemicals
b. they may produce checmical reactions in the brain

Check this old link out:

" In Tillman's case, a combination of intolerances to certain foods (including coconuts, cashews and grapefruit) and chemicals (such as formaldehyde) was found to be the reason behind his dystonia"

Is this something people should be investigating?

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  1. For a time I kept a diary and listed a) food I had been eating and then b) any reaction. This is what is done when looking at 'mood and food'. It's tiresome but in the end you'll be able to categorise food according to its impact (or not) on you.